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  • "When it comes to questions about my online store, I have plenty of them. I have used Magento support in the past, but the answers to my questions were never answered urgently. That’s what I love in particular about Magento Support Services Expert. They got back to me in less than fifteen minutes and resolved each and every problem I encountered."
  • "The bottom line is this: I don’t have the time, experience or patience to handle software issues myself, and I rely on problems that do come up to be resolved instantly. Luckily, I was referred by a colleague to Magento Support Services Expert, and they’ve proved themselves over and over to me. Not only did they answer my midnight email for a problem I couldn’t resolve myself, but they promised a 24 hour turnaround…and delivered with flying colors."
  • "I rely on professionals of every capacity to help me business thrive and evolve. From web designers to writers, I can’t suffer through inconsistencies. My most prized outsourcer of all? Magento Support Services Expert. They were available 24/7 for me, and thanks to them my conversion rate shot up by nearly 10 percent!"

How the Process Works

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    What’s your most pressing problem, concern or question? Simply fill out the form on our website and we’ll receive it immediately.

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    Stand by! One of our Magento Support Services experts will call you within 60 minutes of receiving your form.

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    For smaller issues, we’ll quickly draft up an estimate and begin the work. For larger and more time-intensive issues, we’ll send you an estimate for approval and begin working on it as soon as receiving your ‘go ahead’.

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    Upon completion, you’ll receive a detailed report of work done.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. What is Magento?

A. Magento is the most sophisticated online platform for eCommerce stores available.It gives customers the flexibility and control to customize their e-store’s layout, content and specifically tailored to their businesses’ needs. Your business isn’t a ‘one size fits all’ and your Magento software isn’t, either. It grows with your business, just as you deserve.

Q: Does MSS Expert provide support for MagentoGO / Community / Professional / Enterprise edition?

A: Absolutely. We provide our customers around the clock care, just as you would expect your store to provide its customers. Anytime you need an upgrade, you can count on us to provide an effortless transition for you.

Q: Does MSS Expert work with small clients, or primarily larger customers and corporations? I’m a small business owner that requires personal attention when problems arise.

A: We pride ourselves on the capability and experience of providing to both small and large businesses. Working with 300 sites makes us just the kind of knowledgeable experts you need on your team!

Q: Can I count on an English speaker to assist me with my questions? Where are you located?

A: We are located in Houston, TX. We employ only U.S. based technology focused problem solvers, designers and web developer professionals to assist you.

Q:How can I expect to be billed for the work I receive?

A: We expect that you will be completely satisfied, and insist on nothing less. We will send you an estimate, and once you approve it, ask for 25% of the total payment upfront; the rest to be collected 7 days after the project is completed to your satisfaction. We are flexible in payment, and accept wire transfer, American Express, Mastercard, Visa, Discover and check.

Consider Us Your New Best Friend

Magento Support Services Expert is a partner of Informatics Commerce, the most comprehensive and efficient Magento support team available. No matter what, you deserve only the best. At Magento Support Services Expert, we work diligently to deliver only the best to you – each and every time, with each and every question you have.

No matter how small or large your eCommerce store may be, allow the professionals at Magento Support Services Expert to do their job, while making yours easier than it’s ever been!

We’re experienced marketers, software programmers and designers who know the Magento software program inside and out. As the best and the most advanced e-store software available, we help it help youby doing what you do best – grow your e-store into a lucrative business that continuously shapes your dreams into reality. Turn your site’s high expectations into even higher profit, opportunity and marketable growth. Our job is to make sure your eCommerce store runs perfectly without anything getting in your way.

Customize Your Perfect Magento Support Package

Magento support services offer many customized packages, so you never have to worry about purchasing one that won’t work perfectly for your site. Which package is right for you and your e-store needs? Whether you’re a new client, a returning customer or a veteran of our services, we welcome you and invite you to learn all about Magento upgrade services from a trustworthy team member. From superior customer service our competitors can’t beat, to an experienced staff that will handle your questions with expertise, we’re the right solution for all of your site’s questions – big and small.

We provide Magento bug fixes, installation upgrades, Magento module installations, a comprehensive Magento development plan of action and a speedy turnaround –everything you and your site needs for optimal success! After all, doesn’t your e-business depend on it? We think so. And we’ve got you covered.

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